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Interview with David Lowe - Founder of Qwerky Coliving

David Lowe is a British entrepreneur who is passionate about building brands that help people connect and grow as human beings. He had big success with his 1st startup Uberpong partnering with major clients like the LA Dodgers, Nike and Red Bull before successfully leading the company to an exit. David moved from Austin to San Diego to launch his next venture, Qwerky - a coliving community for like minded people. Qwerky houses will have elements of coworking, entrepreneurship and travel and allow people to work together with their housemates ("Qwerkies") as well as on their own projects.

Why did you start Qwerky?

The startup is launching because i want to give entrepreneurs a support system and save people time so their success can be accelerated. After a successful pilot house, the first community will be launching in 2017.

What are the benefits of living at a Qwerky community?

Simplified living, being immediately plugged into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and having things in common with your housemates are just a few benefits of being part of the Qwerky community.

What is it like to live at a Qwerky community?

See by yourself. Here's a short video giving a pretty good idea of the Qwerky coliving lifestyle.

What's your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

A rising tide lifts all boats. I mean that in order for true happiness, everyone in your company has to win. We are in an age where it is not "survival of the fittest" but rather "survival of the kindest". When people work together, incredible things will happen. Think of atoms: when they are isolated, nothing happens. When they collide, there is energy.

So If you are a startup founder, entrepreneur or business owner and want to experience the Qwerky Coliving Community in San Diego, go to Qwerky website and apply !

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