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Advice from Richard Branson - Screw it just do it

Legendary entrepreneur Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, shares some valuable advice on his entrepreneurial experience in this 2 min video from

Richard Branson tells us how he started his magazine at age 15 and how entrepreneurship has been a learning process, a very creative journey and a great adventure for him.

Perseverance and creating a business which has has a real meaning for us are two principles that we can follow in our own adventure.

"If you have a good business idea, screw it just do it. Give it a go. You may fall flat on your face, pick yourself up, keep trying until you succeed"

"Business is creating something you believe in"

The most successful entrepreneurs that people like have been filling a niche and just making living for people more pleasant than it was before. Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Google are a great example.

So keep trying, keep pushing !

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