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Jon Rose - The surfer who provides clean water to communities in need around the world

Jon Rose, an ex professional surfer founded Waves For Water organization in 2009 to help every people in need access clean drinking water.

In this 3 min video, Jon Rose tell us his story.

Traveling around the world to pursue his surfing passion, he discovered beautiful spots but also areas of extreme poverty where people did not have access to basics like food or clean drinking water. This led him to think how he could do his part.

Although not being an engineer or scientist but by just being creative and leveraging existing water filter technology, Jon came up with a simple but brilliant idea.

Travelers would bring small portable water filters in their luggage during their trip and show people how to combine it with a regular 5 gallon plastic bucket to filter water. This could provide clean drinking water to a whole community and make a real impact.

Indeed, one single filter can provide clean water for a hundred people for 5 years.

This solution is also very practical as any traveler can do it and requires very little involvement. It's a small action with big impacts.

Jon Rose first experienced himself how much impact this could make after helping out a community who had suffered from an earthquake in Sumatra by delivering 10 water filters.

Not long after, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti causing 200 000 people dying and injuring an additional 250 000 people. Jon was heavily involved and worked with different organizations to bring water filters to communities in distress.

He then built a platform that empowers people to become water couriers, get the filters and distribute them when they are travelling and connect sponsors who want to help fund courier projects.

The Clean Water Courier Program is my answer to volunteering, Jon says.

Since it's creation, Waves For Water has impacted more than 8 million people around the world in 27 countries.

"Do what you love and help others along the way"

"You do what you love - travel, sail, surf, bike, ... and then plug in a purpose along the way. Not only does it create a very vital existence, it enhances everything you do."

You are traveling soon and want to take action? or want to help fund a mission ? Check out Waves For Water website.

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