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Launch your startup in a weekend

You’ve got a startup idea and may be never had any startup or business experience before. You are wondering how the hell to get things off the ground, how to get developers to build your product, how to meet mentors, investors... Why not participate in a Startup Weekend then.

Startup Weekend is an event created by Techstars which happens in multiple cities around the world every weekend.

In just 54 hours starting from Friday night you’ll learn how to create a real company. Starting from your idea, you’ll connect with developers, cofounders, marketing specialists, designers, investors and mentors. You’ll build a team around your idea, work on your prototype or demo and present your product on Sunday night.

Summary of the startup weekend schedule:

  • Friday night: Pitch your idea in 60 seconds, network and build your team

  • Saturday: Build your prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Sunday: Finalize your MVP, get customer validation, define your business model and present your solution in the evening.

As of 2016, more than 200 000 entrepreneurs have participated in Startup Weekend in 150 countries. Some notable startups that were launched from a Startup Weekend are Zapier, Haiku deck, Swipes and Foodspotting.

You want to learn more on how a Startup Weekend event goes through. Watch the video below.

Startup Weekend Tech for Good documentary

Interested in participating in a startup weekend? Go to startup weekend and find an event in your city or nearby.

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