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Carrie Green - Inspiring female entrepreneurs

Learn about the story of Carrie Green, Founder of Female Entrepreneur Association, in this 5 min video from Coutts.

"I have had my fair share of ups and downs. I started off with nothing, but an idea, a credit card and a marketing budget of £30 per day and I have turned it into a successful, global business. Has it been easy? No, but if I can do it, then anyone can"

At age 20, while studying law at Birmingham university, Carrie Green launched her first online business.

At the time in 2005, Carrie had used up her student loan and needed to make some additional money. She was in the situation of either getting a job or starting a business. Over the summer, she found an opportunity to start an online business in the mobile phone unlocking market.

Having no experience in business, Carrie seized nonetheless the opportunity and decided to give it a try. She had nothing to lose and thought it would be fun. All she knew at the time was she had to get a website and figure out how to drive traffic to it.

Within a few weeks, she created her website and opened a Google Adwords account with a 30 £ spending limit a day. Her online business was officially up and running.

It was then a learning curve for Carrie while trying to grow her business. When she was not at lectures, she was doing all she could to improve her business skills reading business books, testing the adverts and improving her website. She had a blast working on her part time online business and said it was just an absolute adventure.

By the time she graduated, her business was highly successful and her website was having more than 100 000 visits per month.

Carrie had reached her goals of building a successful business. Only problem, she felt unfulfilled as she was not passionate about the phone unlocking market.

She then took some time to reflect on what she really liked in life. This led her to volunteer at an animal rescue sanctuary and she eventually realized that she enjoyed helping and inspiring other people building business. That sparked the idea of launching Female Entrepreneur Association.

She felt lonely and isolated while running her online phone unlocking business and thought that there must be a lot of women out there going though the same situation.

That's how the the Female Entrepreneur Association was born. The Female Entrepreneur Association is an online platform where women from around the world can share their stories, experiences and advice about building their business.

The idea was to inspire and empower women achieve amazing things. If other women can do it , so can i.

Carrie has since then also launched a digital magazine to share inspiring female entrepreneur success stories and tips. She has managed to create a business with the perfect combination of what she loves doing, is good at and is financially successful at.

"I think the secret to success is having the right mindset. You’ve got to believe you can do it, even when things seem impossible."

"Successful people hang on when everyone else let go"

Read more about Carrie's story from this interview at Easyspace

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